Welcome - Kia Ora!

During your New Zealand voyage, you will cruise into the home of a basket of the world’s most nutritional foods.
While enjoying your port visit to Tauranga, choose an excursion featured here, we can take you to the heart of this glorious Bay of Plenty coastal hinterland where the climate and soils are truly, globally unique.

This is the home of NZ Kiwi (kiwifruit) , NZ Manuka Honey, and NZ Avocados, all of them regarded as amongst the greatest nutritional foods on earth.
We produce these products here, in the Bay of Plenty, to a higher quality than anywhere else in the world.

The Bay of Plenty coastline is also a part of NZ history and folklore for this is where many of the migrating Maori waka ( ocean-going canoes ) from central Polynesia, made first landfall 700 years ago. We will say that it is part of the birthplace of Maori civilisation in NZ.

Capt James Cook sailed past, close to our coast in 1769 during his Voyage of Discovery, and observing the Maori Villages with their gardens, and the dense green native tree foliage, he wrote in his log the name ‘Bay of Plenty.’

Our excursions will take you into the abundant paradise which is our orchard growing centre, and to the Maori seaside Village of Maketu.
Touch, feel and taste these wonderfoods, learn what makes them world renown.

On one of our excursions we can also take you back in time, in Tauranga, by visiting the elegant beauty of the buildings and grounds of The Elms Mission House, an interactive, hosted journey into another part of NZ history.