Cruise ship shore excursions

Kiwifruit Country Tours are exclusively available to Cruise Ship visitors. Select your cruise ship from the 'Tauranga Highlights & Kiwifruit', or 'Glorious Bay of Plenty' tours below to be redirected to the cruise line booking page.

Ship Visit Dates:



Sun Princess 12-Oct-16
Sea Princess 31-Oct-16
Noordam 7-Nov-16
Noordam 9-Nov-16
Pacific Aria 19-Nov-16
Celebrity Solstice 21-Nov-16
Emerald Princess 23-Nov-16
Maasdam 30-Nov-16
Sea Princess 2-Dec-16
Dawn Princess 4-Dec-16
Maasdam 4-Dec-16
Celebrity Solstice 7-Dec-16
Golden Princess 9-Dec-16
Celebrity Solstice 10-Dec-16
Noordam 16-Dec-16
Dawn Princess 17-Dec-16
Radiance Of The Seas 17-Dec-16
Golden Princess 22-Dec-16
Emerald Princess 24-Dec-16
Ovation of the Seas 26-Dec-16
Radiance Of The Seas 31-Dec-16
Maasdam 31-Dec-16


Maasdam 3-Jan-17
Golden Princess 4-Jan-17
Dawn Princess 11-Jan-17
Ovation of the Seas 13-Jan-17
Noordam 13-Jan-17
Radiance Of The Seas 15-Jan-17
Legend of the Seas 20-Jan-17
Celebrity Solstice 22-Jan-17
Dawn Princess 24-Jan-17
Diamond Princess 26-Jan-17
Celebrity Solstice 26-Jan-17
Maasdam 27-Jan-17
Radiance Of The Seas 2-Feb-17
Emerald Princess 5-Feb-17
Ovation of the Seas 5-Feb-17
Diamond Princess 8-Feb-17
Dawn Princess 10-Feb-17
Sun Princess 11-Feb-17
Noordam 13-Feb-17
Celebrity Solstice 15-Feb-17
Noordam 15-Feb-17
Seabourn Encore 17-Feb-17
Celebrity Solstice 18-Feb-17
Seabourn Encore 19-Feb-17
Dawn Princess 23-Feb-17
Emerald Princess 23-Feb-17
Emerald Princess 25-Feb-17


Azamara Journey 5-Mar-17
Azamara Journey 8-Mar-17
Noordam 9-Mar-17
Diamond Princess 10-Mar-17
Dawn Princess 11-Mar-17
Radiance Of The Seas 19-Mar-17
Golden Princess 23-Mar-17
Noordam 25-Mar-17
Emerald Princess 26-Mar-17
Noordam 27-Mar-17
Radiance Of The Seas 2-Apr-17
Emerald Princess 4-Apr-17
Diamond Princess 9-Apr-17
Emerald Princess 18-Apr-17
Sirena 22-Apr-17
Sirena 24-Apr-17